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Trees Of Ridglea
I have begun documenting the historic trees in my Fort Worth neighborhood. This live oak is  on the Number 3 fairway of Ridglea Country Club.
Limited edition prints are planned.

Live Oak, Number 3 Fairway.jpg

Fort Worth Art Collective

A recent collaboration with David Mikitka has grown into an ongoing artistic conversation. His cast aluminum process is already represented by Rebecca Low Sculpture Gallery, and our Duets piece for the Collective, Symbiotica, recently was installed in Rebecca's outdoor space. 

I've been collecting patterns that I see everywhere- in nature, in dust, in the arrangement of construction debris. I photograph them and then have a party with filters- it's self-entertaining, but it's also very seriously an exercise in the art of Noticing and then Making. These images are important to me- I don't know why, the same way I'm not sure why anything is particularly beautiful. They just are.

You just know it, and that fills you up.


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