In 2011, I was told of a central religious tenet that proposes that we, as humans, exist in order to finish creating the universe. As a visual artist, that concept generated immense interest and has commanded the last few years of my work. The paintings as I like to do them take on their own ideas and end up as a different product than originally conceived. I like to paint gesturally with large movements using brushes made of grass, and because of that, unexpected marks and gravity-induced drips add energy to the final result that is outside my own effort. Therefore I find the idea of the universe putting the final touches upon itself, with human intent as the brush, to be perfectly logical. It also agreed with the small study I had already made of quantum physics.

Contrasting these works in stone, cement, wood, and found objects ground the intent and bring the maker and viewer back to the physical, grittier realms. Works are about how we veer from perfection not necessarily because of caprice, but because simply being inside the physical world is a destructive process. We age, we create distractions that sever our links to perfection, making the Ten Thousand Things only temporary accidents to start with.

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